Game Studies Summit:
Teaching Game Studies

How and in what ways do digital games find their place in lecture halls and seminar rooms? What challenges emerge from the “interactive character” of games?
This Summit interrogates humanistic and cultural studies in order to better research and teach the history and theory of games and gaming.
While the creative-artistic discipline of Game Design has been able to increasingly establish itself within the German university system in recent years, an institutionalization of the theoretical-historical discipline of Game Studies in humanistic and cultural studies has been rudimentary at best.
With an eye on the enduring establishment of Game Studies, this Summit asks: Which interdisciplinary collaborations have been successful and which have failed? How do Game Studies and Game Design, more specifically Game Design Theory, interact with each other? And finally: How do Game Studies and other Art and Media disciplines – the studies of literature, art, music, theater, film and media in general – influence one another?


Responsible for the concept and the program presentation of “Teaching Game Studies”: Institut für Medienkultur und Theater and Cologne Game Lab. Contact: Prof. Dr. Gundolf S. Freyermuth, gsf(at)