International Conference on the Art, Technology and Theory of Digital Games

November 6 – 8, 2017 Cologne Germany

David OReilly

November 16 / Keynote: Everything and You

Colleen Macklin

November 16 / Keynote: Systems and Sensibilities: Stories from Serious Games

Mark J.P. Wolf

November 16 / Keynote: Worlds Apart?: Game Worlds Versus Other Imaginary Worlds

Eric Zimmerman

November 14 / Opening Keynote

Thomas Elsaesser

November 16 / Keynote: Cinema and Game Spaces: Disorder, Disorient, Disrupt

Miguel Sicart

November 16 / Keynote: Play, games, and the good life

  • Aesthetics of Play
    Game Development Summit

    Featuring a series of exciting game creators and their projects, this year´s Game Development Summit will look into the practice, theory and science behind the perfect game feel.
    Renowned experts from the industry and academia will investigate aspects of virtual sensation, visual- and audio design, highlighting their individual and shared impact on the overall user experience.


    David OReilly, Los Angeles
    Michael Erlhoff, Cologne
    Martin Ganteföhr & Stefan Wacker
    Nina Kiel, Düsseldorf
    Daniela Kuka, Berlin
    Colleen Macklin, New York
    Michael Rueger, Ravensburg
    Klaus Gasteier, Berlin

    For details see  Schedule November 15,2016

    Björn Bartholdy: bb(at)