International Conference on the Art, Technology and Theory of Digital Games

November 6 – 8, 2017 Cologne Germany

David OReilly

November 16 / Keynote: Everything and You

Colleen Macklin

November 16 / Keynote: Systems and Sensibilities: Stories from Serious Games

Mark J.P. Wolf

November 16 / Keynote: Worlds Apart?: Game Worlds Versus Other Imaginary Worlds

Eric Zimmerman

November 14 / Opening Keynote

Thomas Elsaesser

November 16 / Keynote: Cinema and Game Spaces: Disorder, Disorient, Disrupt

Miguel Sicart

November 16 / Keynote: Play, games, and the good life

  • Of Broadcasters and Game Masters
    Games and Television Summit

    Since the early 90s, interactivity has been a serious issue in the television industry. As we know today, interactive television was never truly realized, the Internet having absorbed most proprietary technologies relevant to the field. Nowadays, interactive content and innovative business models abound at the intersection between television and digital games: transmedial programs adopt and develop gamified elements; broadcasters serve as developers, publishers and distributors of digital games; marketing agencies use games to promote television channels and programs; and novel technologies are shared and expanded by both worlds – just to name a few examples!
    “Of Broadcasters and Game Masters” aims to explore the exciting junctures and synchronicities of television and digital games by presenting and discussing cutting-edge projects and promising experiments. Experts and audience members alike will have the opportunity to critically assess the current state of this field as well as discuss its myriad potentialities.


    Chris Müller, ESL Sports, Cologne
    Marcus Meyer, Innovations SPORT1
    Marc Lepetit, UFA Fiction
    Ulrich Krüger, Schweizer Radio and TV
    Christian Nienaber, RTLII, Cologne
    Elmar Krick, NBC Universal International Networks, Munich

    For details see Schedule November 15, 2015

    Corinna Kamphausen: corinna.kamphausen(at)
    Isabel Krischer isabel.krischer(at)