International Conference on the Art, Technology and Theory of Digital Games

November 6 – 8, 2017 Cologne Germany

David OReilly

November 16 / Keynote: Everything and You

Colleen Macklin

November 16 / Keynote: Systems and Sensibilities: Stories from Serious Games

Mark J.P. Wolf

November 16 / Keynote: Worlds Apart?: Game Worlds Versus Other Imaginary Worlds

Eric Zimmerman

November 14 / Opening Keynote

Thomas Elsaesser

November 16 / Keynote: Cinema and Game Spaces: Disorder, Disorient, Disrupt

Miguel Sicart

November 16 / Keynote: Play, games, and the good life

  • Cineludic Aesthetics
    Film and Games Summit

    Ludic concerns have consistently been at the heart of moving images. Since its inception, cinema has profoundly relied on the ability to play with audiences and to create game motifs. From the playfulness of slapstick comedy to the invention of characters like gamblers and tricksters, from the cinematic construction of specific sites of play like speedways or race courses to the filmic architecture of game spaces like arenas or casinos, from the self-reflexive function of playing with genres to the ludic spirit of mindgame movies: Cinema has developed an extraordinarily rich tradition of playing games with and through film.
    Commenting on, and paying respect to, the emergence of cineludic aesthetics, this summit asks: Can the cinematic corpus offer a contribution to the evolution of game motifs and game logics? Can it inspire and provoke the way we think about the philosophy of games? And finally: What more can we learn about video games through the lens of film studies?


    Thomas Elsaesser, University of Amsterdam
    Bernd Herzogenrath, Goethe University of Frankfurt/Main
    Rembert Hueser, Goethe University of Frankfurt/Main
    Lorenz Engell, Bauhaus Universität Weimar

    see  Schedule November 15, 2016


    Lisa Gotto: l.gotto(at)